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⚠ Paypal Withdrawal problem today UPDATE: fixed!


Yes, this is happening to me as well.


@vasily17 Hello, did you notice this just today or did it begin sooner for you?


Same Problem here :expressionless:


You guys are getting that same message? Where you do get the green link to complete the withdrawal in your email, but then see the withdrawal failed? And this was just today you noticed it? So it’s five of us reporting it here so far.


Yes same message after clicking on the link.


Then withdrawal Failed


Hi! Yes, only today. Never ever had any problems with withdrawals in the past.


It’s working after clearing cookies.



Please report here if that has worked for you. It didn’t for me.


Guys try Chrome browser. I just withdrew successfully


You’re lucky, it didn’t for me. Thanks though for letting me know.


Can anyone else tell me if this happens for them still?


Yep, same issue for me


If anyone gets this solved please report back here, thanks.


I’m now able to withdraw


@twistedweb123 Not me. Did you clear your cookies and cache?


Nope, just tried again after a while


Did you try logging in and out, clearing cookies and cache, etc?


It worked, it’s fixed! I hope everyone who had this problem can now withdraw their earnings.


That’s good it started to work for some people. For me it’s still the same…