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⚠ Paypal Withdrawal problem today UPDATE: fixed!


They might have to roll it out to everyone gradually whatever they are doing to it.


For me, it’s still not working. Tried clearing cache & cookies twice, switching browsers - nothing worked. Hope they can fix it for everyone soon. :confused: They couldn’t pick worse time for this kind of issue than beginning of the month :smiley:


It’s not a matter of needing a different browser or clearing your cache and cookies, it’s a bug that fiverr is working on. I’m sure yours will be fixed soon. I know how scary it is when this happens. It doesn’t help my anxiety when I know there is a serious bug and I’m told to clear my cache and cookies.


Haha, me either. In case anyone is still having the issue, it finally worked out for me and I was able to withdrawn my money.


I’m so glad to hear this. I knew it would be working soon for everyone.