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Paypal withdrawal problem


please,i typed in a wrong paypal email address for my withdrawal and since am unable to change this email address.

please help.


Please,any help will be appreciated.


You can change it with setting…Right top corner…Move the curser close to your user name…Them click setting…Then account setting…

Then you can change paypal


Wrong. This just shows your Name and Regular Email settings. Nothing anywhere about Paypal. Fiverr says you can cancel DQP on paypal using the recurring payment settings but they don’t show up anywhere in the account and there is NOTHING on Fiverr to do ANYTHING. Where can you change your Paypal account on Fiverr???


Get in touch with Customer Support.


how do i contact them.please help


i have follow the link.there is no option tom link costumer service.i only get forum & yutube link.