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PayPal withdrawal

Hi everyone, I just noticed that when I click on withdraw funds (on PayPal to my VISA card) it just says “You’ll need to add a bank account” and then “Add your US bank account”. I am not sure if I actually have ANY bank account, and I am not US citizen. I have some kind of teenage card so I am not sure if I even have bank acc. So far I always withdrawn my funds to my card but now I don’t know what to do… Can anyone help? Thank you

Are you saying this happens in PayPal after you have moved your funds from Fiverr to PayPal? If so, you would have to ask PayPal support. If not, I’m not sure I follow what you are trying to do. You could put a screen shot on an image hosting service and put a link in the forum if it’s a Fiverr issue. Be sure to block out any personal details in the screen shot if you do that.

Paypal requires you to have a bank account so you need to find out if you have one and if not get one.

You need to get a bank account first and then tell Paypal the account number.

It’s about paypal, not fiverr… Paypal wants me to add US bank account. I contacted my bank and they gave me my bank account number but it doesn’t seem to fit the requirements of PayPal. Contacted paypal twice in 3 days still no answer.

Anyone knows what should I do?

The Fiverr forum just isn’t the right place for PayPal support. My guess is that without a bank account you could still use PayPal just to buy some things online. I think you are fairly limited without a bank account. What you should do is entirely up to you.

You can call Paypal. Ask your bank if the account number will work for international transactions. Maybe it’s a quick fix with an Iban number your bank will provide you with. Your bank should know :wink: best of luck.

Just found out everyone in my country is having this problem. Can be fixed by just following the withdrawal link directly…