PayPal withdrawl doesn't work, support doesn't answer


Good day. Tried to withdraw money to my paypal account 20 hours ago and it didn’t work. Fiverr didn’t send a withdraw email as it used to do. Tried right now - the same thing. Fiverr says it sent an email confirmation to my email but email never arrived. I contacted support last night and my ticket still waiting for a support tech to be assigned to it. Fiverr used to answer my requests within a few minutes… It’s been near 20 hours. What is going on?


Does you revenue balance show that the money was withdrawn? I would contact Customer Support again through the ticket # they provided you. Good luck and it will work itself out.


They are humans, be patient :slight_smile:


Did you check your spam/junk inbox in case it was sent there on accident?


I’m about to try to withdrawal for the first time. Hoping it goes smoothly.

I’d like to know out of curiosity whether you get this resolved.


When I withdrew for the first time, I had to click on an email that Fiverr sent me.

What bothered me though, is that when you link your PayPal account to your Fiverr, it states you can NEVER EVER change the PayPal account that is linked to your Fiverr account. I find that sort of odd, since other places I sell, if I were to choose to change my PayPal email, I could as long as I verified that I actually am the owner of the account.

You shouldn’t see an issue getting your funds Kuzz.


I thought I’d chime back in. My withdrawal to paypal was immediate. I clicked on a verification email sent to me and it went very fast. Within minutes I began the transfer to my bank account. It should take 3-4 days. I am pleased there’s really no wait to put it in paypal.


As a new user here do you have any other option other than to use the fiverr quick pay?


@yragha - You can get a fiver debit card I believe.