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PayPal Wont Send Money to My Country

After making $60 in a 14 days as a newbie, I was thrilled. ‘This be the start of something’, I thought. But when I tried to withdraw the earnings, I got a ‘withdrawal failed’ message. I contacted PayPal and they said they do not make Payments to Zambia.

I have seen people here make money from India and Pakistan. How do you do it? That is, how do you get you earnings because I understand PayPal doesn’t send money to those counties either.

Who said Paypal doesn’t send money in India or Pakistan ?

In fact we don’t have any option other than paypal in India.

YOu can sign up to get a Payoneer card also called the Fiverr REvenue card. Once you have a Payoneer account you can have the money trasferred to yoru bank account or a pre-paid master card. Go look it up.

here is more about it:

Fiverr Customer Support

But Zambia is on the list, so that does not make sense. Look at the list:

Did you have a paypal account already set up before you joined Fiverr, or did you try to create a paypal account when you went into Fiverr to withdrawl the money?

Is it possible that maybe you need some other information to open a paypal account that you do not have?

I wonder if it might just be for “buying” with paypal. I clicked on Zambia to see what screen would ask for next. It doesn’t say “receive”

Actually it is very interesting…if you click on some random countries and then click the sign up button, each country has different pages, even the tabs at the top are different for each country. Not all can send AND receive. some can just send.

You will maybe have to do the Payoneer.