Hi all

New here and just had my first sale and delivered. How can I set up paypal as i already have a paypal account for ebay


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Here is a thread with a couple of possibilities @iyaybadranaya


Hover on your name (top-right corner of the Fiverr site whern you’re logged in), then select Settings on dropdown menu; finally select Account Settings item on the list and you are on right page :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Risdiana. What a coincidence I find a person with the same issue here.

Since I newly joined, should I wait for 24 hours? I can’t find paypal assiciated option in my account setting.


Wow, thanks for your link. I bookmarked it for my future help guide.

But, here’s my case:

I can’t find it… (T-T


Or should I really wait for my first finished order if there is any?


Yes, you must wait for your first completed gig!! :slight_smile:


Oh, I see. lucky, someone is ordering. :smiley:

Thanks for your help.


still not good. I have one completed gig, and the paypal associated option is not come out. Any idea, guys?