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Paypall section missing?

Maybe this is a bug I don’t know. But there are many places saying the paypal section is under your email. Also when I go to the section that tells me to set it up I click on it ant it takes me to the account settings sections. But the attached image is what I see. No paypal info at all. Is this some kind of trail thing? you need to wait like 3 days or something?

Reply to @fonthaunt: It looks like I missed the significance of the “?”. Wit is a nebulous thing with ebbs and flows.

Do you already have an existing PayPal account?

I can’t remember for sure but I don’t think you can set up PayPal until you have earned money and waited through the 14 day clearance time.

I do have a PayPal account yes. But I have never added one to Fiverr

I am thinking its the 14 like Riksper said.

Reply to @jamesvinceweb: @ricksper said something about the 14 day wait? Guess I missed it. :wink: Back on a serious note, have you earned funds on Fiverr yet?

Reply to @fonthaunt: No, my post was not about a 14 day wait. It looks to me like a bug. There sems to be a line drawn where the Paypal username should be. Send the screen shot to Customer Service.

Reply to @ricksper: I was trying to point out to jamesvince that it wasn’t you who said anything about the wait. I used bad dry wit (non-wit) and it was a fail. Anyway, carry on!

At this point no I haven’t earned anything. That should not stop me from adding my account details because fiverr actually lists it as a thing I should do. I go into my to do section and it say add your account. So I click it and nothing.

I’m am a patient guy but on a serious note. Is there a secret to fiverr success? I don’t mind waiting but if you guys have any experience that could help me I am very willing to listen.