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Hi. Im new seller and i have a question. I have not asked to import my paypal account. How can i sell my gig and get paid?

Thanx in advance.


Hi there,

Fiverr system is not like an eBay, will some one order your GIG, that payment collect fiverr, after 14 days they will clear your money and they will release to withdraw your money.

start to sale.



I have create a gig. It is active. If someone buy my gig, how can i get the money if i have not publish my paypal account?


Great! Now i understand! When a buyer pay for my gig then i connect my paypal account.


And a last question… what about request a gig? Is it something like ask for buyers to buy your gig? And how it works?


Reply to @music_box:

Request a gig is for buyers who cannot find a gig that matches what they want. They can post a request and sellers can offer their services.

I have noticed that some sellers appear confused and try to offer their gigs via the request system, but that is not what it is for. Also, at least for me today, the request system seems to be broken. I scan it frequently and it is the first time I have seen it unusable, but I am not sure of the cause.


Ok! Thanx a lot!