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PC Formatting Problems

Hello everybody!

I want to format my lap top which I’m currently using Fiverr. And after formatting, continue to use the same Fiverr account. Would there be any problems with my existing account? Or anything in particular that I do have to know? I’ve read that Fiverr is very “sensitive” with the accounts

Thanks in advance,


there is no relation between device and account.
As long as your account is created according to the Terms of Service, there’s no problem.


You should try different browser or try chrome it is best for fiverr i am also using this

So, after formatting I have to use another browser from the one I was using before?

No problem at all. Just carry on :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the answer Pacquo.

Please another question. What if I’m using my Fiverr account on two different lap tops and someone from my family wants to open a new one? I should format the lap top previously?

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Hey there, thanks a lot for your answer :slight_smile:

No, it’s not necessary to format the laptop. You can access Fiverr from any device.
The member of the family can open another account.
Provided that is another member of the family.

I’ve read that Fiverr doesn’t allow the usage of two accounts from the same device. So, this is NOT true?

According to the Terms of Service:

To prevent fraud and abuse, users are limited to one active account.

Any additional account determined to be created to:

  • circumvent guidelines,
  • promote competitive advantages,
  • or mislead the Fiverr community,

will be disabled.

Users must be able to verify their account ownership through Customer Support by providing materials that prove ownership of that account.

It means:

  • you can own only one account.
  • you must be able to prove the ownership of your account.
  • if Fiverr determines that an additional account is used to circumvent the Terms of Service, the additional account will be disabled.

There is no mention of “using two accounts from the same device”.

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Thank you very much for your help Pacquo, I’m more clear now :slight_smile:
Best regards

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No you can use your current browser there is no problem at all

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Great, I’m also using Chrome. Thank you very much

there will be no problem as long as you dont forget your username and password :stuck_out_tongue:

That has happened a lot before :stuck_out_tongue:

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hahahaha best of luck then :smile: :+1:

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