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PDF file ( too large) transfer problem

How I can transfer 507 MB pdf file to my client? Need help badly!!!:confused:

Dropbox link might be the way to go?

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I tried dropbox and even google drive also but it took too much time to download and this is not the issue the issue is when downloading it shows that failed network. What to do?

Ask your buyer to buy better internet?

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Is there any way to reduce the file size? It seems really big for a pdf.

To be honest, that file is going to take ages to download wherever you store it.

I just want to ask how many pages or what on earth is in that pdf that it is 500mb+? :thinking:

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lols… only 12 pages.:worried:

Did you compress the images in those pages before inserting them?

I’m also confuse how it become so big!!!

Guys I got the solution… yeeeeee :grin: I made a mistake. I didn’t reduce the file size and that is why this problem occured :angry: But anyway Thanks all for your support.

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Glad you got it sorted!

:slight_smile: Thanks.

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Up to 50 Gb / not more than 14 days

If you have to deliver a file that large in the future, Google Drive works great, and is Fiverr approved as long as you put the link in the order. (Dropbox and a few others are also approved…)

Google Drive is easy enough to use, simply create a free shared folder for them to get the files, send them the link and they can download.

FWIW - Depending on what clients order for voice over, we can have huge files, or large sets of them (20 or more files for company phone systems).

I’ve transferred larger files than that IF we were doing a video sync and sending them the combined audio/video. I’ve also shared 30 or more files for a single order using GDrive.

The first 15 GB of storage space is free, but I do enough I pay for the 100 GB upgrade ($2 per month…)

No matter what you choose, if your connection is slow, that’s going to take a while. (I pay for the highest available service in my area…so that 500 MB isn’t a big deal, but in some places that would take a while…)

If you can make it happen, it’s worth paying extra for the fastest available service.

People keep saying Google Drive but the DL speed is horrible. Go with Mega, it’s much more reliable.

People keep saying GDrive because it works in the vast majority of cases very well.

It also depends on if you are downloading with the browser or the desktop app. (Desktop takes longer.)

I’ve delivered files all over the world, and downloaded thousands of files too, and overall it’s one of the more reliable services. YMMV.

I agreed guys with both of you and I’m happy with your solutions. These are really helpful for me and others also and I also personally prefer GDdrive and dropbox, never used Mega so I’ll definitely give it a try. Thanks a lot again. :slight_smile:

Okay Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

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If you need a quick solution, you might use “WeTransfer”. It is free upto 2GB and faster than Google Drive. But the link will expire in 7 days (for free account )

Oh… Okay I’ll try that also. Thanks for your help.:slight_smile: