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PDF issue (NOT Showing on my gig images)

Hello There,

Today I have created a new gig and attached 2 pdf files, but the pdf is not shown on my gig review image. It’s showing Question marks.
Any update about pdf issue.

Mazedul Mazed


same problem here in my fiverr gig


Maybe the PDF you posted, is not compatible with the fiverr platform

Maybe is not compatible with the fiverr platform check it…

I faced the same problem.
Check the quality isn’t too low. (400/450 KB)
If doesn’t work, try renaming it and upload again. (keep PDF size ~1MB)

same problem happened to me

There might have been a problem during merging process of photos into pdf . So why not you try again making the pdf…and then upload and check… :slightly_smiling_face: