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PDF preview is infringing intellectual property

I have a gig where I format printed books interior, usually, I deliver 1 pdf file and 1 InDesign file. Fiverr will automatically create a preview for the PDF in the gig portfolio, the problem is that it shows all of the pages, and someone browsing the seller’s previous work can access the full book without permission from the author.
They should change it so the PDF shows only the 1st page or not at all.

Disable live portfolio

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Buyers can exclude your delivery from your live portfolio when leaving a review (there is a checkmark) on their end.

You can also contact CS, explain the situation and ask them to remove the delivery from your live portfolio.

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I’m not discussing this problem from my POV only, it’s for all sellers who do book interior formatting or any delivery of PDF files.
I know that the buyer can choose to not show the work, but a lot of them also might not know about it or its implications. Fiverr can’t close an eye on this.

I had a similar problem. It’s best to disable live portfolio. As you say, it isn’t appropriate for this kind of work.

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You can contact CS with this concern. They will most likely thank you for your input.

I do vector posters so I’m not particularly thrilled about random people being able to access my HQs either. If the buyer requests me to remove something, I do it via CS. They are pretty quick with it, too.

Again, I’m not talking from a personal POV no client came and asked me to remove the content, I want the community to be aware of a potential problem.

Logos, posters, book covers are marketing materials that the clients publish everywhere and don’t ask a fee for people to look at them. So I don’t think there is a problem showing them on the portfolio.
In books interior, the writer is asking for a fee for people to be able to read and look at their books, by fiverr allowing people to see the full of the book interiors they are infringing the copyright of others.

You might also be right that I should have contacted customer support and not just publish it in the forums.

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