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Penalised for obeying rules!


So late last night a buyer asked if I could do a simple edit to their illustration. Seemed really straight forward so I sent an offer based on their request. When the order came through, it turns out the image has a watermark. Being polite I mention this to the buyer who tried to imply he had usage rights but they didn’t sound too convincing.

So wanting to do the right thing I asked advice from Fiverr and they suggested I cancel the order which they then did on my behalf. All straight forward until i see my stats where my 100% completion rate had suddenly dropped to 97%.


Sorry just had to get it off my chest :frowning:


All of my cancellations were not my fault. That’s how it is most of the time.


I also think it’s unfair that sellers will get penalised for cancellations like this.
Though in future maybe ask to see the illustration before sending the offer then you could see if it has anyone else’s watermark on it.


It was late at night and the watermark was really faint and I only spotted it when I downloaded it later :frowning:

Lesson learnt :slight_smile:


Very good advice!

I ask more and more details to my clients before sending an offer (when they contact me before placing the order). This way, I can easily refuse jobs without any cancellation.


Sorry to hear that…It seems as we just have to accept it even though a lot of sellers have already complained about this on the forum.


That is unfortunate.


We have to complete all orders no matter what. :smiling_imp:


yeah right … i’m not a robot :joy:

i think fiverr would prefer we were though !


Join the club! :weary:


That is so not good. I am sorry this happened to you. :disappointed_relieved:


Sorry it happened to you too. I’ve been there myself. That is why I ask buyers whenever they request edits on work that I haven’t done to send me a preview of the work ahead of time. That way, if it’s copyrighted, stolen, or have watermarks I will know to reject it and point it out before they order.
So far I got lucky using this method, but it’s not fool proof as many buyers ignore the contact me before ordering notice.
Still, I thought to share the tip with you, perhaps it will help prevent this in the future.

Best of luck and don’t let it get you down, just keep doing your best!


I like this idea. I also will be asking buyers to contact me first before ordering although not all will do that, but it might help to ward off any who don’t have reasonable demands based on what I offer.


Actually I did see a copy. But it was late at night, I was blurry eyed and the watermark was very subtle

Will be more careful in future

Thanks for the advice anyway :slight_smile:


I hope it works for you too. Certainly it will not prevent everyone from ordering after having contacted you, but it will absolutely decrease the number of bogus requests.
For those who order without contacting, I treat them with caution and try to assist them as much as possible, that is, if they do have a valid request in mind.


No problem, late nights can certainly do that.