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Penalized for not replying to Marked Spam?

So I received an inbox message requesting for some 3d work when I went to reply I saw that the person was marked as a spammer so I went on about my business because responding to the spammer was disabled. I look the next day and see that my response rate dropped from 100% to 67%!! Why should it penalize me for not responding to something Fiverr flagged as spam and disabled me from responding?

It’s happened to me twice this month. Whatever “update” they did earlier this month has hosed-up several parts of the site. (Mine’s 89% right now because of a spam)

My favorite is that the “spam” shows back up a day later as a regular message and the “report” button does nothing. So I replied, to try and stop the timer with a “sorry…” message and the reply countdown timer doesn’t stop.

Contact CS and they’ll reset your response rate.
If we have to do this every time we get spam…oy vey!

Just an update, CS just responded to my last ticket and I’m back to 100%, so they will fix it. Now if they could just prevent it…

Ah okay I thought it was just me :slight_smile:

Just contact the support and they will solve it. It’s not a big issue.

Oh this is good to hear - I had a message, exactly as the op stated (on 13th Oct) which was auto marked as spam. I didn’t know whether it would work but was able to click unspam and the reply box came back. I replied and have been replying to every message promptly, as I have done for all, including messages in the same thread. After the auto spammed message, my rating suddenly dropped to 91%, then 90% the next day, now sitting at 88%.

If anyone else is having this it should be easy to work out if this is a glitch because the response time does not increase, with the corresponding decrease in response rate. If you were not responding to the messages, surely the response time would suffer badly as well. Mine has stayed the same as it was when 100% was showing.

I have but as of yet haven’t received a response. But with my other inboxing its pushing it back up so I will just do as the other person suggested and unspam the message and respond.