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Penalties For Fiver Gigs Canceled

Fiver Gigs Are Canceled VEry Often.

People offer their services for 5 dolars but they are intrested only only in big gigs or extras.

That is why they cancel VERY often.

The problem for does of us wich buy gigs every day is that if the Gig says that it will take 10 days to complete it, they always cancel the last day leaving us with no time to order another gig.

This is VERY unfair for does who work profesional and who keep Fiver Alive.

Fiver needs to put a money penalty or cancel does profiles if they cancel more than 5 o 10 gigs.

Cancelations make us order less, stopt trusting Fiver and looking for new plataforms to work with.

There are penalties for sellers who cancel often. After a certain percentage, cancellation ratio is shown on their profiles, and they can lose their levels for it.

Most of times, they don´t even contact you or send you a message telling you why they cancell you.

We should be allowed to make a review in this situations too, and it would be great that fiverr did not only tell us how many positive reviews they have but also give us the number of times they have cancelled an order so we knew before ordering how serious and profesional is the perons wich offers the Gig

Contact the seller before purchasing the Gig, it will save your time in most cases.

Happen to me recently. i am a buyer myself also sucks when they cancel the last minute, after waiting for like 3-4 days. Not professional at all.

You can usually tell how professional or not a seller is by their gig and ratings. Steer clear from inexperienced users unless they show extraordinary potential. In that case you might have to take a chance, but messaging them before will gauge how motivated they are to get rolling on fiverr.