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Penalty for contacting support?

Hi all!
I have recently been booked by a film school student for a voice over. She has booked me with the consent of her school and even paid by them. And this is where the trouble begins: She urged me to sign a contract, which I believed I could not legally do (and haven’t yet). I turned to customer support for advice. As a result, I have received no advice, but a TOS warning, probably because my question contained the word “school”. CS assumed that I was helping the student to defraud her school.
So good bye to my Level 2.
Now I was thinking about contacting support again and ask them to revoke the warning. Is that even possible?
But I am really afraid that this would land me in even deeper water. What do you think?
Is the lesson to be learned here that it’s best not to contact support at all?


Fiverr doesn’t allow sellers to do school assignments for others and that triggered the warning. But It’s a film school, Maybe the assignment is to record your voice and create something? And instead of recording his/her own voice, he/she contacted a voiceover artist.
But at the end of the an assignment is an assignment and you are not suppose to do it.
I don’t think contacting will help but there is a risk of getting another warning, no one know what will happen.


I would suggest to explain it to CS the same as you did here, they’re pretty strict on doing schoolwork and probably didn’t understand what you meant. Also, be clear to the buyer/seller that it cannot be an assignment.

These are the loopholes I pointed out in my post earlier. You are not alone. There are tons of other Sellers who have experienced this before usually on Level 1 and 2. I think its the time for Fiverr team to think that are they doing enough to keep the community going smoothly? if such problems exist , I fear that soon there will be buyers only on Fiverr and it shall loose all of its worthy sellers

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Thanks for your replies.

Actually, I can not find that in the TOS. Where does it say so?

Surprisingly it doesn’t or I fail to find it… but I remember someone saying they got a strike for it or a banned account. (not sure on that one)

The term used is “academic work”, the fastest way to find it is to hit [CTRL]+F while you’re on the ToS page and type in “academic”.

There have been people who have had a warning revoked where it had been given in error and support acknowledged that it had been in error eventually, so it’s possible if the warning has been given in error, yes. There are also people who recommend the “don’t contact support at all” approach, yes.


Academic work is not allowed. A school assignment would fall under that.

If you’re approached to do something that is related to a school project but is not specifically the part the student will be graded on, you can contact CS, describe the situation and ask the permission to take it.

I was once asked to do a poster for a theatre production (the student was the producer and would receive a grade for putting the entire production together, not for designing a poster for it). CS gave me the permission to proceed in that particular instance but urged me to contact them every time I’m in a similar situation just in case.


TOS states:

Third-party TOS violation - By taking part in doing someone else’s academic work (which will likely be submitted as the student’s own work) you are actively taking part in a violation of the integrity code of most, if not all, schools and academic institutions. This behavior can lead to the suspension or expulsion of students. Fiverr does not allow taking part in such fraudulent activities.


Oh, there it is. Thanks.

I have it as part of a quick response, so it is always at my finger tips. Many students contact me wanting to have their essay’s proofread. I always send them this quick response.

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I’m currently in an 8 day long argument about something “similar”. In my case, the supposed infringement in my case is based on me doing work for an online course in creating the content
I currently have three clients I am working with or in contact with about similar stuff so it’s been really annoying. Apparently someone thought it would be likely that someone with 1500 reviews on a four year old account would jeopardize their account for $28. The crazy thing is that the buyer mentioned this clearly in the instructions and I (because I know how support misread stuff so badly) also clearly explained it in the delivery.
Anyway, the order was cancelled and refunded which was the only thing that happened, I didn’t get a warning which I think is just luck on my part.

All this 2 years after I spent a similar period wanting to get permission to proofread theses for students, given that most universities require it to be done. Eventually they agreed and I think made it policy that theses and research papers were ok.


Were you merely proofreading the material?

Yes, it was literally teaching material and had the correct answers (multiple choice questions) already highlighted by the buyer. This was so I could ensure those were correct and that they didn’t have mistakes. The other three answers were not to be touched because they had intentional mistakes.


Yes, I agree. I’m from design school, and our lecturer recommended us to find a professional voice- over to narrate our video, the voice-over is a good-to-have, to add more life in our video, but not graded on

Did someone report you? Or did you go to CS with an issue then the issues starrted?

At my University, it’s OK if we hire a proofreader. Professors get annoyed with sloppy work. Of course, having someone write our research paper or complete our assignments is a different story. I’ve asked a couple of my professors about proofreading and they gave me the green :vertical_traffic_light: light.

My brother is a university professor. He said his college also gives his students permission to have articles professionally proofread. In fact, he wishes they would with dissertations and thesis work. That way he would not have to do it before it is presented to where ever it gets presented.

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Awesome, I didn’t know that! :slightly_smiling_face:

Juggling :woman_juggling:t4: 4-5+ courses each semester it’s mentally draining and stressful. :weary: I cannot tell you how helpful it is for a lot of students to hire proofreaders. Next semester FALL :fallen_leaf:, I’ll be using Proofreader(s) to alleviate the stress. During my Spring semester, a couple of my Professors were furious with some of my classmates turning in rubbish work.

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He is retired now. But he had many students who depended on him to proofread their dissertations and theses. He wishes he had known about Fiverr back then.

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