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Penalty for extending delivery time?

I tend to do long gigs with open deadlines, and sometimes this leads to gigs stacking and some needing to get extended. The seller never minds, and I always get 5 stars, but does fiverr mind behind the screens? I wonder because it always asks why I want to extend, and there is not really an option of, ‘our deadline was flexible’.

Should I avoid doing this or does it really not matter?


I am not sure on wether this is taken into the account of the algorithm, but I would assume that it doesn’t? At the end of the day if your buyers agree with that and don’t mind, and end up giving you a 5 start review, I don’t see why Fiverr should penalize you for that :slight_smile:

Because Fiverr is very weird with their rules. :stuck_out_tongue: But let’s hope!
I do notice an uptick in people contacting me for new gigs whenever I deliver one, so that for sure is related somehow.

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That’s an interesting question. I don’t know the answer, but I’ll be checking back to see what others say.

Due to dealing with large numbers of orders in general (and being sick currently), I have to extend deadlines. I don’t see any ranking issues or anything.

Cancellations and late penalties yes, push my gig a bit lower. But I never saw any issues with extensions. Plus, if the customer agrees to extending the deadline, I don’t see the problem.


Completely anecdotal, but last week I got a large number of orders all at once. Ended up having to extend 3 orders due to buyers not responding. My impressions, clicks and orders grew that day and then fell slightly when I finally delivered these orders. As my stats seem to fluctuate normally there wasn’t any large noticeable difference that I could definitely pinpoint on extensions, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it! :slight_smile:

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I have seen working with some buyer that they need the tasks very fast, Ovisiously it’s your choice,but as a seller I think to give the buyer a good and perfect tasks so why I am expanding the time, and keep it in mind that, I have to the best in my work

I am here to knowing the answer as well. :neutral_face: