✏ NEW Idea! ✏ What about allowing fiverr users to edit sent messages on chat?


Hey guys! Do you think it will be much better if Fiverr allows us to edit sent messages?
Imagine you sent a mistake message which teases you. It’s allowed on many websites, even on Fiverr Forum, Upwork, Skype, Messenger, and why not on Fiverr chat?

What’s your idea? What do you think?
Will be happy to hear your ideas.

Please vote:

  • Enable editing messages!
  • It is better like it is now.

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Hate to be that pessimistic person, but I feel like this has potential to allow people to falsify evidence when they’re issues up to CS.

Even if you could edit a message, there’s no guaranteeing that the other person hasn’t seen it already. The best you can do in that case, even if you could take back a message, is just apologize and hope for the best.


Why not? Imagine there is an error or mistake in the text which irritates you. Why not be like Upwork, Skype, Messenger and else.


Perhaps people should just take their time in responding instead?


I’m just saying that you could follow up with a correction just as easily. I don’t make it a habit of rereading my messages, so I don’t really get bothered by these things.

Also, as I said earlier, there’s not much point correcting messages if the other person has already seen them. And the potential for cheating the system to create false proof is too great.


That’s a great idea for upwork and the likes, where they have message history, dropbox intergration built-in, all kinds of tools and everything but the sink when it comes to communication (voice, videochat, etc)

Here on Fiverr?
It would open a can of worms.
Briefs would be altered, instructions would be added after the fact, it would only bring confusion.

I think @eoinfinnegan is right:
You can always treat the person you are talking to with respect and keep things professional. You are here on business after all, this isn’t a casual website. If you can’t keep your cool when talking to clients, a tool won’t help you.


Maybe we can look at written communication much like face-to-face interaction. If you make a mistake, you apologize, do your best to make it right, learn from the experience, and move on.


This will give way to a lot of problems. If you can’t control your anger and you decide to write something bad or wrong, then you have to be held accountable for it.


Ok! I got you all! Thanks for your assistance!


For now I do not need any Edit button on my chat.
Adding a Favourite Button on the conversation will be a nice feature. As we can quickly jump to that bookmarked/ favorite conversation lines :slight_smile:


Nah ~ I’m not feeling this suggestion at all.

Before replying to a message it’s always good to take a chill :pill: or something.
Besides, we’re humans or :zombie: (feel like it sometimes tho) typos and such are bound to happen.

I don’t sweat it, I just keep it movin’. :butterfly:


Shaking that sexy :peach: as you go.



You know it, Sara! :joy: