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Pending approval after gig edit


Just now i made some changes in my Gig and when i saved these changes my gig is waiting for approval. So far there wasnt something like this, right? Is this new?



It depends on what type of changes you are making.
Apparently one of my Gig was deleted earlier for getting another one approval.


i only changed the description! Can Fiverr delete entirely a gig?


I will do some changes in one of my Gig due to some additional update (may be today)
I should share the feedback once I have done with mine.


Maybe there is a new policy when you change something in your gig they want to check it first, right?


My Fiverr gig status is “PENDING REVIEW”. Its the first time i deal with this. Anyone has the same issues?


If you make a big change in your gig, then fiverr check it manually to approve. This is old system not new. But little changes don’t need to be approved by fiverr like changing image or video etc.


Oh ok so maybe because i changed the prices . I guess this is a big change. I didnt know that. Thanks!


I don’t know for which part fiverr takes under review your gig. It happened with me once and the gig had been active after few hours.


Ok so i am waiting to see what will happen. I guess it will go active within 24 hours.


It will. Changing gigs information is necessary for some reasons. Nothing to worry about it.


Thank you so much for your infos


Right! It’s just a matter of protocol. Fiverr is pretty careful about quite a lot of things.