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Pending Approval Loop


My gig has been active for weeks and I have completed a few sales with satisfied customers. I’ve gotten great feed back and my rating is a pleasing 4.5. I’ve worked very hard and have done favors for the buyers in order to gain these fiverr accolades. Well, a few days ago it was suddenly taken out of public view and I received a message stating that the Gig needed to be modified. So, I edited my gig slightly (4 different times) and now the status still says ‘pending approval’, why is this and how long before it is normally active again?


What kind of edits were required? It’s unusual for Fiverr to request modifications to a gig more than once without just denying the gig permanently.


It took a day or two when it happened to me.


They fixed it. I really don’t know what was wrong or missing. I think it was just a bug.