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Pending approval


I am new to fivrr. I just posted my very first gig. How long does it take to get approved? Thanks


Thanks it has been awhile…I just posted an item I make. Thanks so much!!! I am new at this.


it usually takes only about 24hrs depending on what it is.


don’t worry Every think will fine


If your gig relate visiting card design and you submit a card sample as gig image it may take 1 day normally but if you have any contact info in your gig sample it may denied.



Ironically your guide is pending approval :smiley:



We are waiting for an approval this is already taking like 2-3 days.
(Don’t know the exact date but it isn’t 24 hours)
How can i publish it?
Because I tried everything.

Kind regards,



I didn’t hear anything like that before. It really takes maximum 24 hours. I think you should contact CS.


Yes, Normally it takes 24 hours for approval.