Pending Clearance - 2 Weeks to Clear $5


Pending Clearance is the only reason I don’t tell my friends about Fiverr to make money. It’s not instant. Pending Clearance is ridiculous for $5. Two weeks to clear $5 is insane. I understand if it’s 15 dollars or more to be cleared.

What are your thoughts?


I can’t agree more. What is this, 1960 ? Otherwise I would recommend this platform hands down. But this clearance for 2 weeks is as ridiculous as it gets. The worse part is that Fiverr doesn’t seem to give a good explanation for that, because no explanation can be good enough for something so lol


Actually, the explanation is totally sensible. A buyer has up to 14 days to get a refund, which means your money is held for 14 days.