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Pending Clearance Does Not Show Payment Details?

Hi to everyone here, I feel a big trouble. In fact, I made a deal with a client and done my job excellent, he completed the order. Then reorder me with something extra work and completed his order again. At the end he gave me $10 bonus through another order and complete it again. Then he gave three 5 star rating and positive reviews. But his only one order payment goes into balance and two orders’ payments go to pending clearance. Besides of it, a new client gave me an order and took his job and completed the order, but at the end, he gave me positive feedback with 5 star rating. However, the payment goes into pending clearance. The issue is that when I click on the Pending Clearance Tab there are no details for pending payment. It looks like as an uncharged payment. How can I resolve this issue, please help me out or give me an idea to resolve this issue.

Hope hears very soon here.

Best Regards

Are you look at 2015? If so, change the drop down box to 2016. Chances are anything recent will display there.

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