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Pending Clearance of 21 Days!

Hi everyone! I tried to look for an answer and clarification about the PENDING CLEARANCE, why it takes 21 days?


Isn’t it 14 days? where did you find 21 days?

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I’m also confused. But it’s really 21 days on my account.

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Its should be 14 days. you should contact support if its really 21 days.

I did contact them and create a ticket for that issue. Got no response for about 3 days now.

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its taking around 10 days to get reply. get connected.

Yeah. Nothing I can do for now but to wait. Anyway, thanks!

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best of luck. Thanks

Can you post a screenshot where it says 21 days? As others have said, 14 days is the maximum you should have to wait. If I turn in an order and the client accepts it on the 1st of the month, on the 15th of the month I am able to withdraw the money into Paypal, etc.

Fiverr has no control over how long the money takes to manifest in your Paypal, etc. account - they just send it out. If it takes awhile after your Fiverr account reads $0.00 (and remember, if you’re withdrawing money from Fiverr to Paypal there will be an email with a link you’ll have to click to finalize the withdrawal), that’s something you’ll have to discuss with Paypal, etc. company - not Fiverr.