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Pending clearance

Hi there sellers, can you please help me by explaining this (attached), i don’t know if it is normal or maybe I’m just a newbie here. As you can see in the attached image pending clearance is $36 but when I manually add the total funds pending clearance it reaches $120 can someone explain :frowning: or anyone can tell It is normally happens. thank you! have a good day!

It is a kinda bug? but anyway as wingle said all I want to do is to wait till after 14days and I already send the support about this Ill just wait for their reply. Thanks for your reply guys.

Upcoming earnings are the ones coming from active orders, while the ones you’re watching are from completed orders that need 14 days to be cleared.

This is known fiverr glitch showing wrong figures. You need to contact support and the will fix this for you.

Note: You wont lose any income based on incorrect figures showing sometime.

My “Earned This Month” always show wrong figures, while i keep track to my orders manually and i get paid 100% correct.