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Pending Clearance?

So, I’ve had two orders this month but both payments are still pending clearance. At first, I thought it was because I needed to verify since Fiverr was asking me to do that. Well, when I verified, my payments are still pending.

Then I wondered if it had to do with the buyer? Like maybe they don’t have any funds which is why the payment could be pending? Has anyone experienced this? If so, please tell me what I should do…


Not “anyone” but “everyone” is experiencing this.

If you read fiver TOS or at least fiverr help page on being paid and withdrawing your money you’ll find your answer :wink:

But I’ll do it for you: standard pending clearance time is 14 days.


Ah, thank you for answering this. I was worried for a moment! :slight_smile:

Why not just look up how it works vs asking here?

You agree to the TOS when you sign up and it’s all in there.