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Pending funds to payoneer account

Hi everyone,
I am new freelancer and transferred the funds 1st time to my account, according to my research most of the people said that payment transferred within 2~3 working days. But almost a week passed and my funds still showing pending in payoneer.
Can anyone en-light why this happening and how much time it will take to clear my funds?
I will be thankful to you everyone.

Asfandyar (Mr.)

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Hey @asfandyaronly,

The funds from payoneer usually take 2-5 business days to get cleared. Also payoneer takes sometime for approval for the first time but after that, it wouldn’t take longer. But you can contact them about your concern. Also keep checking your email or payoneer account maybe it’s pending due to your account verification is required.



Hi @iparshantrajput , thank you for your prompt response.
As far as I know, my payoneer account is activated even my personal banks are also approved on payoneer account. Also I continuously checking my emails but from day 1st to till date didn’t receive any notification from payoneer.
Is there any way to check is my payoneer account is activated or not? or any objection on fund transfer! Please guide!

If you can login and see all the details about your account, it simply means your account is active. Incase if you cannot login that means account is not active/locked/blocked.

I suggest to have a live chat with the representative and tell them to speed up the payment process for you.

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Very helpful idea, today chat is off let me try on Monday. I hope that it will work.

Please Check@tareq1986

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