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Pending Project


I am new. I posted 2 NEW projects but they are pending.
We need to hire someone to produce for us asap.
How long do projects pend, before being posted.
Is this delay normal?


Hi there and welcome! :sunny:

The delay is perfectly normal - it can take a good few hours sometimes for requests to be reviewed before they go live.

Why not have a look around the main Fiverr site and see if there’s somebody who can do what you’re looking for while you’re waiting?

Good luck! :sunny:


Thanks for the reply about the delay. We prefer to put out a project spec and receive responses. Hunting around the boards peaked our interest to see if we can use Fiverr as resource. I suspect this will work but the lag in response is frustrating. As the Director of studio, if we elect to post a project it will likely be because we are busy so speed in response is critical. Waiting for projects to post is a problem. Time is of the essence.


Hope they get approved quickly for you! :slightly_smiling_face: