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"Pending Request"?

All I want to do is submit a request for a simple 20 words of translation from German to English. Fiverr says the “request” is “pending”. What does that mean? Anyone can see it? Is it live? is it in purgatory? Very frustrating. I’ve spent enough time on this, I do not have time to unscramble this rabbithole of just trying to post a request. l’ll go somewhere else.

Do I misunderstand what fiverr means by “request”? I am looking for someone to perform some work for me. In exchange for that work, I will give them money. Is that not a “request”? Or has fiverr decided to rewrite the definition of “request”?


Sellers can’t see it whilst it’s pending. Buyer requests are auto moderated by the system first so maybe there’s a particular word you used the system didn’t like. If you used german language in the BR that could have caused it. It’ll now be waiting for a human review if still pending. I suggest you do a new BR and make it very simple… ‘german to english twenty words’

“German Language” is offensive?

Check this out:

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No not at all, I’m saying that the auto moderation understands English words, it does not always understand other languages. So it flags it to be checked by a human.

“Decipher handwriting, or translation (into English (or German)) of the short note accompanying the larger document. I am just needing the short note translated, not the larger document. The note was written in 1913, or the 1930’s, or later, perhaps as qualification for employment position? Or could be note to collector of old documents? Would be nice to also know the context in which the note was written.”

What’s wrong with that?

There is no issue in your end, but usually Fiverr takes around 2-6 hours to make your request live. Until that time, your request will kept in “pending” list.

Nothing IMO, sounds like you attached a document so maybe that requires a manual check.

For what it’s worth I did a BR for course content and fiver declined it. Their reason was that I was trying to get views of my own gig. I flagged to CS, they apologised and said the auto moderation got it wrong. The system isn’t perfect.

I suppose anything to do with 20th century German history will trigger some new-age snowflake. All Germans are National Socialists ? LOL!

Now we have two "N-word"s, right Fiverr? LOL!

I think it’s more system fail than xenophobia. I spent the best part of a year in Berlin for work, great place and people. I really don’t think it has anything to do with that, after all fiver does want you to buy and allows far stranger BR’s than this! Give it some time to be approved or find a seller directly, there are plenty of them.

They are going to cancel me in a minute, but who gives a FF

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