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Pending Requests

How long does it take and what is required to move your request from the Pending to Active status? Mine was pending for over an hour or even longer :frowning:


I have been having the same issue for two days. I deleted the request and posted it again. Still stuck and will not move to active. Help!


Hmm… was about 12 hours for now. I have logged a request with Customer Service, not sure how responsive they are though.

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I take it this is not the normal state of affairs then? I posted my first Fiverr requests yesterday - 3 in all, and they are all sitting there pending.

Well, I had only two requests so far. One was active within an hour (and I thought it was long) and another is still pending

Hmm… still nothing - Customer Support not responsive as well :frowning:

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Oh, finally, got it though and got a bunch of offers already :smiley: - back to business :wink:

Will there be a mail notification, when my request has been approved? It seems like I can’t access the “manage requests”-site while my request is pending. And I don’t want to try it any 5 minutes.

I am having the same issue of waiting as the request is pending since yesterday, so I removed it and reposted it, so pending again. It was very hard to get it to post in the first place. They need to step up their service and support end of Fiverr, seriously.

Guys, just be patient. Being pending is like being in a line, you just wait for others to get their’s approved, and then you can get yours. Deleting your gig won’t get you anywhere.


See this:

This is a post from one of fiverr friend.Apply to your gig…I did it and it works:)