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Pending Reuest For a Logo I Need ASAP

I’ve had a request pending for hours now. I’m trying to buy something. Why does it have to be approved? The fiverr customer experience as a buyer sucks. I can’t contact anyone so I’m venting here.


Sorry it happened to you!

Due to the Covid Situation, it is taking some time for the requests to be uploaded.

You can always message some sellers to ask for prince on the work you want to get done.

COVID bullshit. It always takes a long time to get a request approved. Why does a request to be approved in the first place? Plus, now I see fiverr doesn’t even have test servers to fix their own CSS. I’ve placed countless orders over the years. This is getting old. I need a rush job done and have to wait around for it to be approved, ugh!

A lot of time the system is abused if the request is not manually approved.

I can see on your profile you have worked with many designers, you can always knock back if you was happy with there service and if they are available for a urgent job…