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Pending Revenues

I have recently Completed 6 Orders. The 5 Orders are marked and completed with 5 star rating, but the problem is that I cannot see PENDING REVENUES of these Orders.

I have the same problem. Two orders were marked as completed yesterday by the buyers. One of them gave me a tip. The tip has been processed just fine, and it’s in my “PENDING REVENUES” list. But the order revenue, and the second order revenue too, remain added to the “UPCOMING EARNINGS” quantity.

I’m going to wait some hours to see if it gets fixed, and if not, I’ll contact Customer Support tonight.

I contacted the Customer Service but they didn’t replied at all, 1 day and few hours ago, but still waiting to get their response.

I wouldn’t worry too much. I’m sure they’ll fix it soon. We can’t withdraw that money until the clearance period passes anyway.

Yes, they will, I am seeing this error also. There is some problem. Hope they’ll fix it soon.