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Pending Revenues

I have recently Completed 6 Orders. The 5 Orders are marked and completed with 5 star rating, but the problem is that I cannot see PENDING REVENUES of these Orders. Any idea?

I have the same problem. Many of the completed orders does not appear on the Revenue list at all.

P.S.: Fiverr. If you read this, please check ticket #1081463 in this matter.

Is this the first time you seeing this error?

omg, the same with me this morning, i got 20$ order, 15 and 5$ tips, it just show 5%, 15 is not in clearace income

Mine is not seen in clearance. It stopped at clearance for September 1… dun dun dun

Facing the same problem, stopped at clearance for September 1st.

I’ve checked the amounts, and it turns out, while some of the pending revenues are not seen in clearance, the total pending clearance amount on the top is correct. So I guess it’s just some sort of delay.

I also have the same problem. Revenues from my last completed gigs are still on the “upcoming earnings” total, and not moving to “pending clearance”. Only tips were correctly processed to “pending clearance”, but not gig revenues.

This is happening to me too! glad it’s not just me. Tip is showing fine but none of the revenue from the completed gig’s themselves

Yeah I was hoping this would be sorted when I got up this morning but still nothing…

Same here :D. Hope fiverr staff will take a look at this theme.Anyways it can be just a slighty delay.It’s not that easy.

I think fiverr got some update and it bugging… :frowning:

Hello friends.So fiverr team reply me today and they told me that they are awear of this problem and trying to fix it.It’s good.

I got it too,
Hi there,
Thank you for your message. Our tech team is aware of this issue and WORKING on a fix. Your patience is appreciated and we do apologize for the inconvenience.

Reply to @kjblynx: in my case, the tips 5$ is show both in clearance pending and order revenue, but the main order 15$ not show in clearance pending XD XD

Reply to @donnalaw: Same here. I got a tip, it’s showing (with September 3rd as the clearance date), but the order revenue doesn’t.

Reply to @getoffice: oh nice to hear that,