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Pending Review After Gig Was Created? My first (and hopefully only) one


Does anyone know why this happens? This never happened before. I delivered a gig and immediately, it said “Pending Review”? What did I do wrong? It is frustrating that Fiverr locks the gig and does not let you edit it until they review it. They should at least give us a reason why this happens or let us edit it.


It’s kind of an automated process. Usually a “keyword” snag. If you use a keyword that Fiverr may feel deems it breaking the TOS in some manner whether promotional, vulgar, etc, it usually gets locked until they can look over it. What kind of gig did you try to make?


I’m also curious about what kind of gig it is.


Yup, i have a few gigs up and the only one that had to be reviewed was one that offered a reading outside of fiverr using skype. Because of the word “skype” they had to review it in order to accept the gig or not! Luckily it did and now i can offer tarot readings on skype now! So it all really depends on what the gig includes…

I hope this helps! x


Reply to @musiclover: Hey Nakita, it got resolved, but it is a list of your product in my online mall website. Customer Support told me it was because I said it was longer than 3 months, but it is delivered in only 5 days, but it lasts 3 months. I wish they would fix this. If I say it lasts 3 months, that should not penalize me if I say that I deliver in 5 days. I am trying to provide value in this gig and thanks to Fiverr’s automated processes, I cannot do that.

Fiverr should fix this. I consider it a bug.


Reply to @hotwebideas: oh okay. Glad to hear it was resolved Bruce. :slight_smile: