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"pending review" on my profile is taking about 8 mos longer than I expected


It’s been 9 mos. and my college education info is still “pending review”. Is there something I can/need to do in order to get them to believe I graduated?


You may want to contact Customer Support. It sounds like they would be the only people that can provide advice on this matter. We, here on the forum, aren’t Customer Support. We’re just sellers like everyone else. :wink:


thanks for the pointer. I figured I might find some advice and I did. It
seemed like the right place to “rant” since I wasn’t getting anywhere.


Are you saying they now check someone’s information on their profile? I’ve never heard of this.

I’ve seen so many fake college credentials here. I know that where I went to college there is no way to verify it, no office you can call to confirm if someone graduated, because I tried to confirm my own graduation one time. I think that may be true for many colleges.

I really cannot believe, based on looking at hundreds of bogus profiles, that they are checking these now. It’s an impossible task.


I’m going to take his advice and contact cust. service about it, see what
I can find out. If there are answers to those ?'s there, I’ll post them. I
made that assumption after waiting for so long for my college profile
information to be approved.


I wouldn’t worry about it since you are doing voiceovers. People just want to hear how you sound.
As I said, I’m a college graduate and don’t need to post that information to get sales.