Pending Review


Why my gig always show as “pending review”.


I always got that anytime I edited a certain gig, now that I’m a level two seller it doesn’t happen anymore…it’s odd.


L2’s and TS’s get their accounts eased a bit. Most regular members have to go through pending reviews.


It also depends on the category of your gig


Depends on your keywords too. Certain ones like “Skype” will do that


Wow! That’s a lot of orders for a 3 days old, congratulations on that.

Also, that can be and is possibly the reason why your gig is in review. New sellers usually get their gigs sent under review (to possibly fight spam?). Don’t worry, it’ll be out of review soon


Thanks, I had a gig go into pending review that I added gig extras on (just leveled up to 1 today!) and it’s express, so I have active orders but cannot get into the actual gig or have people leave feedback on it. Also, I sent delivery to one person but the clock is still running on it… I don’t want to run out of time with 20 hours or less left on some open orders, should I wait or deliver? Thanks for your help!


Dont add copyright material on your gigs, dont include link and add relevant keyword, title


My Gigs pending reviews after running a week. The reason is because of potential copyright infringement. How long Fiverr do reviews? thanks…


i got this problem on my facebook GIG for 4/5days…then i knocked my buyer and ask him to review the GIG…and its worked :smiley:


I’ve had my gig online for a few months and recently re-activated it on Sunday, since then I have had 4 purchases and I was editing the image associated with the gig and all of a sudden it disappeared. Then I see that it is under review. Why? It been online for close to a year? Any advice? Sigh. And the gig was doing so well.


I am a buyer, looking for the same thing usef_ibba asked. How do I review a gig to leave positive feedback?