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"Pending Review"?

I created 3 gigs. Two of them immediately went to “Active” but one is sitting at “Pending Review”. What are the criteria that determine if a gig will be reviewed or not? How long should I expect it to take?

Also, if you view my profile it only shows one gig and says “loading” indefinitely…

Most of my gigs are ‘pending review’ when I put them up and sometimes when I edit them. It’s a way to reduce bots and spam, I think. It goes away in a few hours … overnight at the most.

It’s definitely a strange system. I just added a gig and it went live right away, but I used the wrong picture and edited it to add the right one…and then it said pending approval. Not being a very patient person, I just deleted it and added it again with the right pictures from the beginning and it went live right away.

I’m guessing a “pending” can be flagged by a couple of things… Keywords and strange activity (like quickly changing a photo or text after posting, zulualpha).

I figured that was the case, but since the gigs seem to all auto-approve as soon as they’re originally posted, I can’t see how making them go to review after they’re edited later would cut down on spam. Kind of like letting everyone into the airport without searching them, but if you forget something and go out to your car to get it you have to be searched the 2nd time. Maybe not the most logical procedure.

If all gigs had to go through the review process before going active it would make more sense, since a spammer could slip some nefarious stuff in after getting approved, but since the new gigs go active right away making them go to review after being edited seems more like an inconvenience than anything. Might be a useful feature to allow editing in the first 5 or 10 minutes of a new gig being posted, since mistakes are often found right after posting.

Thanks for verifying. I have submitted a support request.

so i posted a gig and it went to pending review… it says 3 gigs pending review but when i clicked to see the pending gigs they wont show up under “pending review”…its confusing and exhausting …its been two days now !