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Pending Review



I just updated one of my gigs and now it’s under “pending review.” I just wanted to know how long it will be pending? Thank you :slight_smile:


Right, no more than 2 days. Have some patience. I`m a level 2 seller and i ussualy get my gigs updated in less than 24 hours. Level 1 sellers and non level get their gigs updated by the admins in maximum 48 hours


Usually less than 48 hours.


Reply to @thevoicemachine: Awesome, thanks!


yes, it will take maximum 48 hours.


Thank you for all of your responses! It only took 12 hours or so. :slight_smile:


Oh I see! Ok good to know. Glad they are monitoring that stuff. Thanks!


Why would it be under review if it was already a posted gig? I just edited the photos on one of mine and it is now under review. Odd…