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People are getting crazier and crazier

Yesterday, a heated discussion in the forum was deleted.

Sexism and false facts were the order of the day.
After I got a private message I blocked the user.

Today I see this in my inbox.

Don’t worry - my mom is fine :wink:

I’m going back to work now.

Mek Sells.


Even if people can say whatever they want in the forum, this is a freelancing website.

Stating stuff like this is not acceptable. Plus, it shows that some people are here just to make money whatever means they can. Shameful.


You know what? That´s the second time.

The first time someone wished me an Car Accident.
I think it’s nice that he wishes me to spend the last hours with my mother :wink:

Ticket went out.


Instead of just improving their skills and doing something good for society, they resort to this. Then you see a post from the same person most likely asking for advice on how to rank higher and gain more sales… yet they share threats on the side…


What the hell is this, what was the conversation basicly ?
The only thing i’ve got, was someone who dm me the first time and wrote “dog shit”, no idea why


I remember that thread from yesterday.

Basically, the guy was saying something about choosing between a female or male seller and that he would be inclined towards the female - but, the way he said it was not as refined as how I have explained - it was a bit “creepy” to say the least, and I am not even a feminist! It was just a weird thing to say.

Hopefully, they got a warning for that lovely message they sent you.



I also got this one yesterday:

“stupid ■■■■”

haha :smiley:

“…can no longer be contacted. This will not affect your response rate.”

I think this was the second guy from the thread :smiley:


It’s sick that fiverr is mostly full of scammers and stupid people, I got DM like this from people I don’t even know and who insulted me for free.
Then I’ve got scammers who pretend to be interested by my gig then they send me weird links and files in thinking I am stupid enough to click on it, or those who want my services and expect something for 5€ then my minimum price is 45€, then they are acting like wtf it’s too expensive then it’s clearly written in my packages.

Since youtubers have promoted fiverr they have brought their community full of unsmart people, I’m here since 8 months but I’m pretty sure that it has caused this, and covid too


I just looked up his reviews.

"seller cursed me out because I didn’t want rush through reading the story, kept pressuring me to leave positive feedback without even knowing if I fully enjoyed the story yet. I told them that they didn’t need to send me 5 messages repeatedly to tell me to leave feedback, And that I would leave feedback once I’m ready to leave feedback. They told me “to hell with you" very terrible customer service.”

Hahah… Ohhh boy…


Yeah, that’s the OP from yesterday. Horrible person. Fiverr has really opened my eyes to how stupid and unscrupulous people can be.


OH! Yeah, that thread, but, within that thread was the other guy who was a bit creepy in his comments about female sellers.

That guy who complained about his buyer was a real charmer - I tried to explain to him that just because in “his country” telling someone that they will get to something when they get to it is an insult does not mean that person meant it that way. I was even trying to be nice to him and not kick him when he was down - he acted really bad and unprofessionally towards that buyer. He is lucky if that buyer does not report him for his bad behavior. I couldn’t imagine telling even the most annoying buyer, “to hell with you”. Nope, gotta kill 'em with kindness always!



Good grief. That’s disgusting.

I missed that thread yesterday but some people do have a very warped view of the world.

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I love the mentality of “you don’t think I’m right? Go die.” but it’s certainly toxic (and while hard to take it seriously, there are many people who have ‘thinner skins’ and do not do well with such words. Obviously). I missed the ‘tea’ in the thread but just this is making me sigh. People are definitely getting, ugh, crazier (I am blaming the pandemic, but I know that it’s just one of the reasons to why suddenly even more uh, not so smart individuals are online.


It seems that they are online and ready to pounce.

Geez, seems I missed out on quite a thread yesterday!

Glad I missed it.

I must have been doing something productive.

You know, like completing a job for a Buyer.

Support got back to me after a few hours.

The user no longer exists on Fiverr.