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People are into arbitrage and degrading the quality service


Hi. I’m a new seller in Fiverr, I know it takes time to have a consistent amount of order flow. Now the main deal is that people/buyers now a days are using fiver as a service arbitrage, they come post their request and yet giving them samples they are not satisfied. The one to one conversation between real buyers with me are awesome but these middle man do not know how to sell and yet are here looking for cheap services and yet they cannot define what they exactly want. How this process is going to end? I’m worried about this platform because seller like me are hard working and want our services to be delivered to the right client.

As a well wisher I would like to suggest fiverr staffs to promote their website rather than saying sellers to promote their gigs. You can find number of clients on craigslist and yet these lazy middleman are abusing this platform.

Saw someone writing do not rely on fiverr for your gig promote your gig elsewhere LOL then what is the team of Fiverr doing for us? Are you sleeping BRO? Soon I see this platform to have a bigger competition in future well if you do not take care of your community this platform will die for sure.


I understand your frustration, but you also still sell here. Fiverr is JUST a platform. They give you a place to work and earn money, it’s not their job to hand feed buyers to you.

Also, just some advice. Don’t EVER agree to give a client samples if they ask for one. Give them one of YOUR OWN samples in your portfolio that you can give to every client that asks. Even if they ask you to just give them “a 200 word sample”… They’ll take it for free.

Anyways, just work hard and good luck! :four_leaf_clover::blush:


So how is not promoting your gigs going for you?
In your other topic, you mentioned you were a struggling new seller.

I get roughly 1 of those per month. It probably depends what your target market is and how you promote your services.


Thank you mam, but these buyers are so clever these days :frowning: and I don’t want to say them no as well.
This is my problem, I always feel I’m underpaid because I deliver them most value out of 5 bucks.
Some took me for granted but anyways I’m learning to handle fake buyers.


Promoting gig is a good criteria where we bring fresh new fiverr buyers, but one of my client said it is very difficult to understand the process. I deal with them using custom offers. Well for now it is working fine.


They do promote their website. Just as YOU are responsible for promoting your gigs. It is not Fiverr’s responsibility to make you successful. You work here because you want to be your own boss… so BE your own boss. Think like a businessman, and treat your gigs like a business. This includes marketing and promoting your gigs to the target customers that need your services. This is how all businesses find their customers. Your services are no different than any other business. YOU are responsible for the success of your own business.


Then raise your prices. Buyers ARE clever, which also means they might not trust your skill if the price is low. If you feel like you deserve to be paid more then raise your prices.

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Then raise your prices and you won’t feel “underpaid”. :roll_eyes:


Nice I liked it the way you said, I’m working towards making my own subscriber base so that I can re-market them. Thank you


Yes, that is a good idea but what will I say to my returning buyer ? Its obvious they would not order mine then? Most of my buyers are returning buyers.


They do! It’s all over youtube right now, fiverr advertising. Fiverr spends millions on ads.


If your buyers want to work with you, they will pay your prices. Or you can offer them a custom order for a discount from those prices.


You get a new set of returning buyers who pay more.


I know, it can be hard, but it´s part of being a freelancer as much as of being a human being, you can´t say yes to everything, see, even Fiverr published a blog about saying no, take a look, it might be helpful:

And welcome and good luck with Fiverr!


But I like them :frowning: hmm may be I provide some more value and then raise the price :wink:


You will like the new high paying buyers even more.


I just recently did some work for a well paying client, (he paid double my rates because he wanted express service done by a professional). I think he’s been burned a few other people doing subpar work on Fiverr. His business is a local business as a web developer for his clients. Well, his clients also need professional email addresses/accounts. That’s why he reached out to me to begin with.

It was a middle man scenario, but he treated me professionally and was very responsive.

He just now reached out to me and said next week he’ll have 3 more orders for me and that he would have consistently more in the future. He loved my service and professionalism, (even the fact that I fixed something a previous freelancer didn’t do right), so much that he wanted to enter a loose partnership agreement.

I told him that I would give him a referral discount for any future services and if things are consistently coming in, I might even consider an even larger discount.

On top of that, I told him that I can also offer him a discount on the paid subscription service he wants set up for his clients.

It was a win-win-win scenario and I swore that I would never work with “middlemen” on Fiverr because they’re taking advantage of me.

It all depends on the person you are working with!


Well lets hope mam, thank you for your suggestion.


I can echo that!

Man it is really nice working for clients that appreciate true results and not work with “bottom dollar” clients.


Yes, the higher paying clients are very pleasant and easy to work for, compared to some of the low paying buyers. They are very grateful, polite, answer all questions, give great reviews. Only about two out of three low paying buyers are like that.