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People are just buying reviews on fiverr

HI, here. I saw a lot of posts on Facebook that people are buying reviews and fake services. And even Level 1,2 Top rated users willing to sale their account for a higher price.
It’s not fair for new seller who gets real buyers, buyers may think that they are just fake reviews and skip their gig.
And are there any tips on knowing fake account and fake reviews?


It’s not common. I don’t have a clue about how you can spot the differences.

Personally I only buy from well established sellers. I doubt if any sellers would purchase thousands of reviews for themselves, or even a few hundred.

If a seller is getting real buyers they won’t need to worry about people skipping their gig. Don’t worry about this. Why think about it at all?

But that only for a minority of the lucky seller. Mosy buyers see 1 or 2 reviews, they will just skip their gig.

Not necessarily. There are lots of sellers who get lots of sales in the first few months.

Never assume that what may be true for some sellers is true for all sellers.

And never call successful sellers “lucky” since luck has nothing to do with it.


Some are becasue there already got strong customer base outside of fiverr, so the seller just bring them on Fiverr. Most of us don’t have that advantage

I here to tell you there are a lot of new sellers who start out fresh just like most of the other sellers here who get a lot of orders right away.

And it’s not due to luck or due to having outside clients.


totally true :slight_smile: I saw also lot of posts on fb about it

I would never have known about facebook posts on this until coming to this forum so I wonder how someone is even finding this stuff? What would lead anyone to see this on fb in the first place?

This shouldn’t even be entering any new seller’s mind at all.

If a new seller is thinking about buying reviews they should just give up and save themselves the effort of even being on fiverr.

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These are what you call “shady tactics”. Have you ever heard of “black hat SEO”? It’s kind of similar to that but different in terms of the algorithm. Wouldn’t want to talk about it here because it gives the wrong impression.

To anyone wondering: please avoid it!

Here we go again.

Every seller on fiverr was a new seller once. Trying the site out, not having any money (to buy reviews among other things). It’s a shocking concept for some.

We are aware that buying reviews (or rather, advertising the possibility of buying the reviews) exists. We don’t know how widespread it is. Claiming that it’s widespread and people are “just” buying reviews is a bit irresponsible. And can’t be verified statistically.

I’ve seen posts where new sellers would state that sellers who have multiple reviews from the same buyer are suspicious. Because, you know, those sellers were good enough to build the client base of return customers and that just can’t be true.

What if I told you that fiverr is currently implementing a system that would allow sellers to temporarily buy a better placement in search results? Regardless of their talent and quality of work. Would it blow your mind?


It should not be that difficult to make a distinction between bought reviews and real reviews. Any buyer that has some common sense and have time and will to spend few more seconds on researching, can know if the reviews are real or not and if the seller is legit or not.

But it is something that we need to live with, there always be people who will do that.

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is it the featured icon ( the pink one)? I thought only fiverr staff hand-pick the good performance gig?

No. You don’t have to pay to be “Featured”. You just have to be good enough.

“Promoted” would be the name when it gets unrolled, I’d assume. I’d hope those gigs would be marked in some way.


Amazon used to be a pleasure to browse through but now the first several rows of everything say “ad” on them and are paid advertising which looks like the actual listings of non paid advertising. I hate it. I hate going to Amazon now because it’s much too difficult to see actual listings and instead is just a lot of ads. I don’t buy as much as I would before due to this.

The paid ads are all tacky too, things that somehow seem like they NEED to have paid ads or else they would quickly drop off of anyone’s radar or page due to no one wanting them.

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I totally agree, there are so many platform with this type of thing. So annoying, those ads cover more than half of the actually listing


This model works fine in all money making business. Sellers pay for ads to be visible on platforms. Buyers pay extras to platforms so that they do not see ads. :smiley:

They tested out paid ads before and didn’t implement it. I hope they do some very accurate studies of how these will affect their overall bottom line.

I wonder how much advertising potential buyers will have to wade through before they give up. The site needs to be pleasant. People dislike coming to a site hoping to find what they need, or simply be entertained, and instead are presented with a lot of ads.

When I’m browsing around on the internet I quickly click off of any sites with a lot of ads. I’ve stopped using what used to be great websites due to more and more ads on them. I’ve cut down my use of Amazon about 85% recently due to all the paid ads in the listings.

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I’m trying to accept that this is where fiverr’s is (probably) going but it’s hard.

But hey, maybe it’ll save us from all the “REVIEWS ARE BEING BOUGHT” controversies. Because then it’ll be like: “To hell with the reviews, search results placement is being bought, and?..”


Rows of mek sells appearing first. Me becoming frustrated trying to find actual listings instead of a bunch of ads for things I would never consider buying. Feeling like the quality listings are hidden behind a lot of undesirable and downright hideous listings. I hope this site doesn’t become like Amazon has. It’s horrible now.


So what’s stopping you from creating your customer base outside of fiverr and bring them here?

Everyone were starting once with zero orders no matter if on fiverr or outside and worked very hard to get their customers to notice them.

What you call an “advantage” is a hard work and not some kind of luck.

Yes, some sellers are trying to cheat the system but they will be caught sooner or later or will be banned for not being able to provide good service.