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People are ordering but not reviewing lately

Hi I am just wondering I have people ordering my gig but not reviewing the work I did for them. They seemed like they were happy with the work


I’ve crafted a great delivery response which looks like something like this:

“Attached is your ______ If it’s great and you are fully satisfied please provide me with a great smashing review as it enables me me to continue to offer my services!”

You can reword it to fit your project though that’s a suggestion which will hopefully convert into more reviews!

:bulb: Joe

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I believe this is due to Fiverr changing the review system recently. I wrote a bit about it here.

I used to get reviews from 72% of buyers, the past 3 weeks it has been 20%


It happens less often to me after I started delivering with ending sentence like: “Thank you and if you are happy with my work, please leave a positive review.”

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I too get less reviews lately.

Having an excellent 5 stars rating, or 4.5 to 4.7 average rating is vital to ensure moving up in levels and consequently a high reputation then having more orders and more profit. I remember that I’ve asked 2 or 3 of my first clients in my beginnings to help me and rate my service so I can rich up my profile and courage more customers to use my services when I have many positive buyer reviews. Although I do my best to satisfy my clients and even I keep telling them after delivering the work to back to me for further support, I do forget about those few buyers who didn’t rate and review me, they represent %5 or less of total buyers in my case, I just look forward, and I feel special when a customer back to hire me again after a while he/she probably used others then decided to back to me for a reason :wink:

Thank you everyone for the amazing feedback!