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People are over charging for gigs on your site

i have posted a request for a curtain price and they are raising there prices to 100-1000%

Assuming you mean ‘certain price’? In which case, do you mean you’ve stated a budget, but people are making offers above your budget? If so, people are well within their rights to do that… We often get approached by buyers asking us to work for a fraction of our costs, and we refuse it, offering them our services at our standard rates instead.

You may need to elaborate - from what you’ve written, the sellers are doing nothing wrong, and certainly not ‘overcharging’.


Ok Yes that what i ment a budget

So I don’t understand? What’s wrong with people sending you quotes above your budget? You don’t have to say yes to any of them.

Perhaps if everyone is quoting above your budget, your budget is unreasonable? I’d love to pay £50 for a new Mercedes, but I know that’s too little - my budget would need to be greater.

What are you asking for? And what’s your budget? Perhaps people here on the forum with a bit of experience can give you a bit of guidance as to whether or not you’re offering enough money?


Your right now i understand how it works here on fiver

But is your budget a fair price to pay for the job you want doing?

You might want a job done for a certain price, but if it is insultingly low (I’m not saying it is, I have no idea) - you will find that no professional seller is going to take it on.

The fact that you’ve said some sellers are submitting quotes that are upto 1000% higher than your budget (an extraordinary amount!) suggests that you’re expecting way too much for your money.