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People are wishing Good Morning And "HI" and asking for portfolio :@

I don’t know if you guys are facing the same issues. I have been getting these messages where buyers/trolls keep saying “Hi/Hello/How are you” in my inbox and even ask for my portfolio. After seeing my portfolio, they give me a few compliments but never talk about anything else. I mean, come on.

I have a few doubts about these things:
1: Maybe they are just trying to do this to bring down my response rates.
2: They are using fake accounts to steal my portfolio items.
3: They are using my replies for their own clients.
4: They are using my custom quote script for themselves.

This is not Facebook or Tinder where you can “Just talk” with people. After dealing with a lot of dollar douches on a daily basis, I don’t have the patience or the time to reply to your casual talks.

If you are doing this to bring someone down, you are smart.
If you are stealing my scripts, you are in for a good surprise :smiley: My scripts don’t always work. And my rates are really high.

Please drop in your thoughts about this.

Yes, I’m noticing an increase in this garbage. Someone else suggested that you send a picture of your smiling face with a $100 custom offer whilst stating that you will not provide any service at all. Try that.

Of 20 messages I woke up to today, I responded seriously to just one. The rest got a copy-paste spiel about my unfortunately unavailability due to high demand. Response rate taken care of in 2 minutes. Another from yesterday is pissed because they don’t like my extra fast charge and then asked what I do for $5.

If anyone asks for samples, I tell them I do not offer samples but they’re welcome to read my reviews and gig descriptions to get a general idea of what to expect. Funnily enough, that’s never good enough. Not my problem, Sherlock. Go pretend to hire a newb.

haha :smiley: That awesome :smiley:

I am also not going to offer any portfolio sample any more. :smiley: