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People clicks but do not order

Iam new to Fiverr
I just saw people have gone through my gig 20 times and I got 20 clicks but none of them orders why it is so? Does anybody have an answer to this?

Here is the link to my gigs which got many clicks

and another one got 9 clicks

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What with the pandemic and many television and movie production companies operating at a much smaller capacity than normal, I simply don’t think there is much demand for screenplays. And actual television and movie production companies normally have piles upon piles of prospective screenplays that they haven’t even gone through to properly read…


“Farah has a masters degree in literature”

Iam farahnaaz Masters from English Literature. I have done Diploma in social media marketing and SEO and has much skills in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. i have written many fictitious fairy-tales for children before.I would love to serve you in this field as well.

  • a diploma *and have many skills…

Your GIGs are filled with typos, you have nothing that SEO would pickup to show you in search. You are not using all the images and PDF file options in the GIG description and portfolio.


oh great example buddy

Thankyou so much for quality advise i will look into it and develop my gigs thankyou