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People coming back months later for revisions! (Ghostwriting)

I’m a ghostwriter. I’ve written or rewritten several books in my time here on Fiverr. It’s been mostly a positive experience and it’s lovely to be able to write for a living!

For the third time now, I’ve had people come back, MONTHS after five-star reviews, tips, raving about what a great job I did, etc, saying, “Hi, there! I got some beta reader feedback and we need to rewrite this.” Often it’s half the book. They say “You offer revisions; use them now.”

How is that fair? They were happy with my work. I don’t want to go back to a project I thought I’d finished and have to redo a bunch of it (often extremely time-consuming). I have a disclaimer on the gig page now saying that additional revisions after the order is complete incur extra charges, and revisions themselves only include minor errors or adjusting scenes slightly.

It’s just so annoying. How can they think it’s reasonable to praise my work one day, then come back weeks or months later with someone else’s feedback, saying what I did isn’t good enough? I never promised it would be a bestseller or publish-ready, I just write what they ask me to.

Often I actually improve on their outlines, because a lot of the time they have plot devices or things which just straight up don’t make sense because hey, guess what, they’re not writers. So I also do a bunch of extra work FOR FREE, making their stories intelligible (I’d never submit something sub-par.)

I already bend over backwards for these people and yet they think I’m available to pick up their work for free months after I think we’re done. UGH!! Rant over >:(


One of the best tips that I have picked from all my reading on this forum is that offering unlimited revisions is a massive blunder. It only leaves the door open for unscrupulous buyers who may come back to either become massive pains in the backside or simply to thug you by demanding extra work/refunds.

The easiest solution is to only offer one or two free revisions. Make it clear to the buyers that any extra revisions will be charged at X dollars. Put this in your gig description as well as in your order requirements. E.g. my order requirements also clearly state that revisions are meant for the same draft and anything beyond the number of revisions I have mentioned in the order details will be charged extra. This clarifies all the terms from the beginning itself. That way, in case some buyer tries to annoy you, just go to customer support and if you have not shot yourself in the foot through unlimited revisions, CS will understand your perspective and help.

At Fiverr, unlimited revisions are taken at face value. It really means unlimited. The buyer can come back 6 months later and demand free work, and CS will side with them. No serious seller offers unlimited revisions. That just screams scam-worthy to bad buyers. So, keep this in mind.


I don’t offer unlimited revisions, I offer 3. I think I’ll change it to 2. Thank you!

Agree with navya_r… Sellers must take offer of Revisions very very seriously. It is not only the matter of getting an order from a buyer, but to keep oneself at greater peace of mind after the delivery of order as well. To me, offering Revision in Basic and Standard packages may not be advisable. At the most 1 Revision can be offered in the Premium package only that too with an additional cost or extra charge.

Yeah, two is usually more than enough, The good buyers will always be willing to pay for more revisions.

I mentioned unlimited revisions since your gig, “I will copyedit and proofread your book to perfection”, offers them. I’d recommend making the same change here too.

Well, revisions are active until the customer actually reviews the work. If you already reviewed the work and you liked it, then why do you need revisions for? That sounds highly unethical.

I offer unlimited revisions on my main gig and despite having thousands of sales, I rarely had someone that forced me to do tons and tons of revisions. Usually you’ll have scammers trying to get their money back lol.

I don’t offer formal revisions on any of my gigs and I’ll likely keep it that way!

I do have a policy that if I’ve made editing mistakes, mispronounced, or accidentally skipped words in the script; I will correct for free, but any script or stylistic changes would be at additional cost.

That’s also why I’m pretty darn thorough in my Order Requirements so to try to lock everything down.


Oh yeah thanks! Will do!

I agree about it being highly unethical but I read so many horror stories on Fiverr’s subreddit before joining the site that I decided to never offer unlimited revisions. Then, I read similar advice on this forum. There were some old posts about how buyers came back after weeks or months demanding free work and CS sided with them if unlimited revisions were in the picture. So, I never wanted to take that risk.

You are right though. I have had a few hundred sales and even when I used to offer two revisions (now I offer only one), barely anyone used the second revision. So, I guess it’s only a matter of terrible luck and encountering a couple of bad buyers.

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What they asking isn’t technically a revision. A revision should be done while an order is still open. Once the transaction is complete, we have no further business pending. Any other work done after completion should be treated as a new order. (At least that’s my opinion as a lyric ghostwriter).


I had “Unlimited Revisions” in all my gigs. I think i would like to change that now. Thanks for sharing.


I think that revision is only for during the order time, when the order is complete that means project is completed, then how can i a buyer ask for revision again


Thanks for your comment.

First, one must also clearly define what a revision is. I like to explain this to my customers like this: I am happy to offer a revision (free of charge, of course) if there is an error. For example, did I spell the artist name wrong? No problem, this will be changed as soon as possible! Does the client watch the final video and then change his own script afterwards because he suddenly has another great idea? That’s not a revision. That’s a fundamental change from what was discussed and agreed upon for the project by us. This will be charged with an additional fee.

Once the project is completed, reviewed and the transaction is over, there are no more free revisions. Fiverr offers customers an extra three days in which everything should be reviewed and if necessary, a revision can be asked for.

Don’t make yourself a free labor. Otherwise, this will happen to you more often in the future and before you know it, you’ll just be sitting on revisions for projects that were months ago and not earning any money from your work. Position yourself clearly. You are your own boss.

Clients who value my work and care about their own project will rarely ask you for free work. Just recently, I had a super nice client who left a generous tip and asked a few days after the project was completed if he could change a few minor details. I took a look at what he wanted and immediately offered to change it for free, since it was really just minor changes. This he denied vehemently and wanted to pay for my working time, otherwise he felt it was unfair.