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Some people complain “Oh…. why am getting a 1000 like on Facebook and the next day I loose 50 of them or a 100″ … Or complaining on having them from virtual account

……………………………… COME ONNN ARE YOU SERIOUS ……………………………

You just got a 1000 likes in a day for only 5 BUCKS and you don’t like it …. well here’s some news for you … do you know that these likes would cost you at least 25$ – 50$ if they’re from Facebook ads and it will take you 2 weeks to get them … adding to that you’ll find out that half of them are from virtual accounts.
So be happy with what you get for only 5 BUCKS and ENJOY YOUR

Always look at the bright side of things

If you promise someone a certain number and that number doesn’t hold true, you are in the wrong. If you promise someone “real” items and you really give them fake/bot/virtual items, you are in the wrong.

On the other hand, if you describe exactly what they get and they get what you promised and you aren’t violating the Terms of Service of any site - you are in the right. Your example of Facebook likes is a bit problematic, since as far as I know, fake ones violate the FB Terms of Service.

When someone gives you a thousand like or hit … then it must artificial intelligence program or tools who are doing that… so sometimes there could be errors that accrues in the process or after that which could be sorted out peacefully with the vendor … but most of the vendor emphasis that there isn’t any revision or extra payment for revision … regarding your Facebook policies … once I was watching 'the daily show" of Jon Stewart and it was about that … where they found that at least 25% of the Facebook likes you get are usually virtual and it was like they were accusing Facebook for doing that to spend your money without you knowing it …
anyways thank you for the argument :slight_smile:

A complaint to complain about complaining?


Exactly … hehehehe

How many levels can it go?

It seems it’s endless … hehehe

It doesn’t really matter what was on Jon Stewart or any other statistics site. What matters is that it’s against the Facebook terms. That’s not “my” policy. I don’t care what happens with Facebook likes on other people’s pages. I do know that people who buy them in high numbers usually get… Well, rather than having my own word bleeped out, I’ll just say that most people who buy them lose them and many get their social media accounts banned. People who sell them know that, too.

There are two things you are telling a buyer on Fiverr when they make a purchase. One is what is written in your gig description and you can spin that any way you want, but if you don’t deliver that, you’re in the wrong.

The other thing that buyers assume (often incorrectly) is that what you are selling is legal and doesn’t violate the Terms of Service of this site or any third party site. A buyer might be mistaken and really should be careful. Still, people who take advantage of foolish buyers by putting up gigs that are illegal or violate site terms are still wrong. Those aren’t my rules, those are Fiverr’s rules. Rather obviously, that’s the site you are on, so shouldn’t you be responsible for that?

Need a ‘kick’ to get out of those too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, Emma…you always make me laugh!! :smiley:

Yes, some people do. It is probably their nature.

:slight_smile: HEHEHE

I think so it is in the nature of some people

first of all Facebook can’t NOT accept likes … and it’s not part of there rules not to accept big number of likes… I remember once I bought 3000 likes 3 years ago and they are still there.

  • It is not against Facebook rules.
  • It stays there forever.

FYI : I don’t do that, and I don’t put the rules either, Neither you.

Nice to argue with you :slight_smile:


I’ve noticed that some people start complaining in order to abuse the revision given to them in order to reject the offer after getting half the job done … did you go through such a case

we all have. trying to revive this one?

@rodjordan It looks as if you’re stranded in the middle of the Pacific with an open wound and are being circled by a great white shark! I’ve read this story before and it doesn’t end well for the castaway.

Swim roddy swim!

I think you should change your gig from offering 1000 likes to offering “Up to 1000 likes” or “More than 900 likes”, so people will have no reason to complain.