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People do not trust new sellers


I am a new seller.I have joined fiverr for 1 month.Still i did not get any job.But I tried so many ways to promote my gig.What can I do for this?I can’t prove my abilities without doing a job.Do I have a luck?


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I have rewritten your gig description above to sound more professional and to correct several punctuation errors. Good luck!


Hi, Welcome to the fiverr. Start of anything could be bit difficult but after few orders and good feedback buyers will have more confidence on you. So obvious question is how can you get first few sales well here are few tips.

1: Ask your friends or family who might need your service.

2:Look at your competitors gig (do your home work and ) and provide something extra value for free.

Second tip will alone help you a lot. Thats how i got started.

Btw after looking at your gig i think you have to e bit more descriptive in your gig and explain how your gig is different than others and how it will help the buyer.




People DO trust sellers, otherwise many of us wouldn’t be here and gain Levels.

Be patient. It can take weeks and even months to get going.

Your gig is in a crowded field. It will take time to gain momentum.

Like @lightman pointed out, your gig description needs work. It’s sparse and doesn’t speak to the benefits of your service.

Read all the tips on the forum too.

Good luck!


Hi @appsdo

I am just (re)starting my fiverr career and I can understand where you are coming from. But as @lightman and @voiceoverwork have advised, it will take time to get your name and services known. I will certainly taking note of what they suggest.

Good Luck




Welcome back! :slight_smile:


You Gig description is very confusing. Also, you only have one Gig. Try to offer more services… Plus offer more unique services. Explain what makes your Gig any better than the next…


One gig, maybe two or three tops, is perfect for all new sellers.

Until you get one gig tested, tweaked and making a steady amount of sales… AND it gets you up a level or two, there is no real benefit to flooding your listing with multiple gigs. Deep is better than wide.

Good luck!


Be patient. I, as well, am new to Fiverr and have had no sells, but I am getting some decent traffic just starting out. Make sure to market yourself on social media and stay active on forums. Trust is important for anyone to consider buying from you. Add some videos. This is the best way to gain trust. I often compare it to a phone interview vs an on site interview. Being there in person allows the company to get to know you on a deeper level and see how you interact on a social level.


Reply to @bachas85: Nice to get encouragement from top rated sellers like you Bachas85.

I think with professional looking gig pages, images and videos you can make your gig stand our. Make sure your description’s spelling is correct, the formatting is easy to read and the most important selling points are highlighted.

Encourage communication and use humor to your advantage. People will want to contact you more if a little personal touch and friendliness is shining through your gig page. It will boost your conversions greatly.


I have joined fiverr for 1 month and i have same problem @appsdo

what will we do :frowning:

i have 13 gigs but i can sell



You need to be patient. It can take weeks and even months to get going on Fiverr.

As far as the Forum goes, if you ask good questions here, you will get good answers.

If you read the Forum thoroughly, many of your questions will be answered.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Hello guys.

I am also new to Fiverr. Although I have joined about 3 months ago, I only started adding my gigs last week. I started out as a buyer and am now waiting and learning how to get customers and make sale. But I am glad you guys are here to help the newbies with our usual dilemmas.

It is normal to learn and absorb what the experts have done to succeed in any type of business. We just have to be patient and open to learn through the challenges.

Good luck to all of us. :slight_smile:



Hi and welcome!

Your bio says you are a “freelance writer who makes a living out of my passion for writing”.

I’m curious why your gigs are bundles of PLR/MRR material and not your own actual writing or writing service?

Good luck! :slight_smile:


My first month was slow as well. But one of my gigs did take off rather well and I am at level 1 now. In my view taking an interest in this forum helped! People need to know that you are here. You can learn a lot from browsing the forum here.

At first people will just ask for information without buying per se, but you just need to hang in there. Be kind, be polite, take an interest without being a pushover either. Buyers will come. Maybe when you do not expect them.


Be patient, by three months you will have a customer. Why not create more gigs, change your profile picture to a person always visit your gigs change the keywords, and collect other gigs. It took me three months before I’ve got customers, I just visit my gigs tweaked it checked other fiver sellers.