People I made it!


I’m so happy right now I think I’m gonna cry
It’s from my ghostwriting gig!


With that being done, I think I’ll lay low on the request. Fiverr do take a lot of time out of my hands, making it hard for other things. So I’m just going to turn on my Out of the Office switch until I’m free for more. It was a nice experience while it lasted though


Congrats! I’m glad you got your first order. I know you worked really hard on your Gigs. :slight_smile:


Same feeling when i am was your position :frowning:


Congratulations! Happy for you. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


:open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth: Great Work like Magic.
Congrats And Best of Luck .


Thank you @qasim777777 @lloydsolutions @devsunny1 and @ahmwritingco !!!

I’m happy to know that someone noticed me and give my skills a try but I do hope it doesn’t affect my work too much.

The sad thing is he didn’t leave a review which is kinda needed for me…


congrats N best of luck my friend